We offer exclusive bar and à la carte restaurant services for our guests. Our menu offers options including seafood, fish, pasta, beef, chicken, salad and sandwiches. We always use the best fresh local ingredients in the preparation of our meals.

Our wine menu offers labels from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. We serve delicious drinks (including the renowned Caipirinha) and the finest distilled liquors.

For your comfort and staff planning, lunch orders should be place daily untill 11.30am. Lunch can be served between 1pm and 3pm.

Dinner orders are accepted until 5.30pm and dinner can be served between 7pm and 9pm. Bar service is offered until 10pm.


All dishes are individual, with the exception of Mixed Moqueca that serves two people.

Starters and snacks:
01-Grilled squid with soyo sauce & ginger - R$ 55
02-Tomato & garlic bruschettas - R$ 32
03-Cheese & Olive bruschettas - R$ 35
04-Shrimp skewer - R$ 46
05-Cheese skewer - R$ 25
06-Grilled shrimp with garlic and olive oil - R$ 82

Served in sliced whole wheat bread
07- Smoked turkey breast ,yellow or white cheese, tomato and grated carrot - R$ 16
08-Salami with yellow or white cheese - R$ 15
09-Yellow or white cheese, tomato and oregano - R$ 13

10-Cheese omelet - R$ 22
11-Cheese, onion & tomato omelet - R$ 25

12-Tomato, cucumber & hearts of palm - R$ 35
13-Cabbage, carrot and grated beet on yogurt sauce - R$ 35
14-Shrimps, mango & asparagos - R$ 68

15-Shrimp & Vegetables - R$ 58
16-Al Limone (Tuna, milk cream, lemon) - R$ 52
17-Putanesca (tomato sauce, olives,capers & anchovy fillets) - R$ 50
18-Garlic & Ginger - R$ 42

With rice, Black beans and grilled vegetables
19-Fish - R$ 68
20-Filet Mignon - R$ 70
21- Chiken breast - R$ 54

Lodge specials:
22-Mixed Moqueca (serves two people)
(Brazilian food. Fish, shrimp and squid boiled on their sauces with coconut milk and dendê oil) It serves 02 people and comes with Rice and “Pirão” ( a kind of purê made with the moqueca’s sauce mixed with cassava flour) - R$ 185
23-Baked fish with mango, tomato and onion
With rice and farofa (fried cassava flour) - R$ 84
24-Fish & banana
Fish baked in a banana leaf with fried banana strips and fried cassava flour. With rice and salad - R$ 84
25-Shrimp in Catupiry (Brazilian tradicional creamy cheesee) - With rice - R$ 90
26-Grilled Shrimp with Greek rice - R$ 88
27-Filé Mignon In Funghi sauce with mashed potatoes - R$ 84

28-Slice of cake - R$ 6
29-Assorted fresh fruits - R$ 30
30- Peaches in syrup with Milk cream - R$ 12
31-Goiava sweet with cheese - R$ 12
32-Ice cream - R$ 16
33- Caramelized fruit with ice cream - R$ 20

Coffee & Tea:
34-Café espresso Lavazza - R$ 7,50
35-Tea - R$ 5
36-Coffee or tea with toasts, butter and jelly - R$ 20